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DVD: Goju Ryu Technical Series Part 5
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DVD:  Goju Ryu Technical Series Part 5

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From part 5 of Morio Higaonna’s video series we understand more fully the connection between Goju Ryu karate and the Chinese boxing methods from which it developed.

In the complex advanced kata we discern elements of White Crane and Tiger Fist forms; in Tensho we detect the characteristic movements of Rokkishu; in kakie we cannot fail to recognize the push hands exercise known to almost all Chinese martial artists.

A formidable presentation that includes the kata Sesan, Suparinpei, (standard and advanced versions) and Tensho as well as the applications in kakie form of Gekisai, Seiyunchin, Shisochin, Kururunfa and Sesan.

System: NTSC
Ref # T022

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