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DVD: The Battle of JKA - Best 10 Fights
Price: $59.95USD 
DVD:  The Battle of JKA - Best 10 Fights

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This DVD consists of the best bouts in the Japan Karate Association (JKA) history.

Truly a collectors item , non-stop action

Professional quality,
Made in Japan

Running Time: 70 min.
System: NTSC
Ref # CMP955

Kumite Finals:

M. Tanaka vs. T. Ohishi
The 1st IAKF World Cup - Final
1975 Los Angeles

M. Yokomichi vs. K. Shiina
The 30th Japan Cup - Final
1987 Nippo-Budokan
H. Yamamoto vs. Guazzaroni
The 4th IAKF World Cup - Final
1983 Egypt
T. Imamura vs. M. Kagawa
The 31st Japan Cup - Final
1988 Nippon-Budokan
H. Yamamoto vs. T. Imamura
The 26th Japan Cup - Final
1983 Nippon Budokan
T. Naka vs. T. Taniyama
The 35th Japan Cup - Final
1992 Tokyo Gymnasium
M. Kawawada vs. M. Yokomichi
The 1st Shoto Cup - Final
1985 Nippon-Budokan
T. Taniyama vs. A. Ikenaga
The 38th Japan Cup - Final
1995 Tokyo Gymnasium
Y. Ogura vs. T. Imamura
The 29th Japan Cup - Final
1986 Nippon-Budokan
T. Kokubun vs. S. Izumiya
The 40th Japan Cup - Final
1997 Tokyo Gymnasium
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